Bambi Woods Biography

Bambi WoodsBambi Woods: Birthday: July 12, 1955

Astrology: Cancer
Birthplace: South Bend ,
Years Active: 1978- 1994
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Blond
Measurements: 38DD-24-38
Height: 183
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Arcadia Lake, Evan Taylor, Christie Ford, Robert Bolla, Jim Buckley
Website: n/a

Debbie Does DallasBambi Woods (born July 12, 1955) is the screen name of a former pornographic actress and exotic dancer best known for her appearance as the title character in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas. She was advertised on theater marquees and in advertising as a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, although this was not actually the case.
Woods performed in only two other adult films, Debbie Does Dallas 2 & Swedish Erotica 12 (1981).
An article in The Age stated that Woods died of a drug overdose in 1986. A 2005 Channel 4 documentary, Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, employed the services of a private investigator to track down Woods. The investigator was unsuccessful, but could not confirm the report that Woods died of an overdose. The investigator also received a letter, ostensibly from Woods herself, claiming to have left the adult film industry as a result of the drug abuse she witnessed and to have become an anonymous homemaker and mother living in the Des Moines, Iowa area.
In Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered the porn film’s director, Jim Clark, claims to have given her the name Bambi Woods, alluding to the Disney character: "I named her Bambi Woods. There wasn’t any real reason behind it. Bambi … a deer. In the woods. Do you want to get deeper?". Later in the same film, another interviewee is quoted as saying that Bambi’s real name was "Barbara Woodson".
In popular culture
The Dutch band A Balladeer recorded an album named Where Are You, Bambi Woods?, which was released under the EMI-label in September 2008. The eleventh song on this album shares the same title.


Bambi Woods is best known for her role in the famous movie "Debbie Does Dallas", which was released in 1978.She was born in 1955 as Debra DeSanto in a middle-class family in New Jersey. After graduating from high school she moved to New York, where she worked in a grocery store. Soon Debra ran into financial difficulties, and to make some money, she followed her friend’s advice and went to the audution for a movie that was to be called "Teenage Services". After talking to Debra the director Jim Clark decided to change the plot of the movie, cast her as Debbie and changed the name of the movie to "Debbie Does Dallas". This is when Debra took her screen name Bambi Woods too. Even though Bambi appeared in only one scene at the end of the movie, it made her famous. "Debbie Does Dallas" is a movie about school chearleaders who want to become Dallas cowgirls but have to earn money to get to the tryouts, and they find the most indecent ways to get some cash. The movie became one of the top five grossing movies of all times.Bambi Woods claimed that she had no intention to become a porn star and took part in this movie only because she needed money. However, in 1983 she made a comeback in "Debbie Does Dallas II". Unlike the first part, Bambi appeared in almost every sex scene. However, this movie wasn’t as successful as the original.In 1985 Woods starred in her third and last porn film called "Debbie Does Dallas III". This time she appeared only in nude non-sex scenes.After that the fate of Bambi Woods remains unknown. Some say she may have died from overdose, some say she left the industry to lead a quiet life of a wife and a mother. Anyway, Bambi Woods remains the icon of the golden age of porn.

Movie Title Studio Notes Year
Best Of VCX Classics # 2      
Debbie Does Dallas 2 VCA Facial 1981
Debbie Does Dallas 20th Anniversary Edition (new)     1994
Debbie Does Dallas 3 VCA Clip 1985

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