Crissy Dalton naked – “Little Darlin’s”

Name: Little Darlin’s

Duration: 84 min

Director: Jim Buckley

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1981

Actors: Jerry Butler,Robert Bolla,Jack Teague,Bjorn Torvait,Mac Josephs

Actress: Lysa Thatcher,Kathy Harcourt,Lana Joyce,Lori Palmer,Cynthia Davenport,Jacklyn Johnson,Suzzanna Ash,Crissi Dalton,Crissy Dalton

Categories: Crissy Dalton naked, 1981, United States, English, Jim Buckley, Lysa Thatcher, Kathy Harcourt, Lana Joyce, Lori Palmer, Cynthia Davenport, Jacklyn Johnson, Suzzanna Ash, Crissi Dalton, Crissy Dalton, Jerry Butler, Robert Bolla, Jack Teague, Bjorn Torvait, Mac Josephs, Facial, Lesbian, Black

Anyone had bought the dvd released by Alternative Cinema in march. I know that with Jim Clark’s it’s hit or miss, but since it had a commentary track with Robert Kerman and Jerry Butler, and usually Kerman is interesting… I think of buying it in may, but since it’s a costly one if you take in count that our money is weak currently (it will probably cost not too far from 40 $CAN) I prefer to have an idea before of the commentary quality. Not really my factor #1 but… Is it a good film? The synopsis is sure interesting