Barbara Dare : Vintage black dick

Barbara Dare : Vintage black dick

Name: Zebra Club

Language: English

Director: Charlie Diamond

Country: United States

Duration: 68 min

Year: 1986

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Actors: Peter North,Blake Palmer,Buddy Love,Robbie Dee

Actress: Barbara Dare,Tanya Fox,Purple Passion,Je T’Aime

Barbara Dare : Vintage black dick


Vintage black dick in “Red Head”

Name: Red Head

Duration: 88 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Joe Sarno

Year: 1989

Categories: Vintage black dick, 1989, United States, English, Joe Sarno, Tami Monroe, Siobhan Hunter, Heather Hunter, Natasha Skyler, Rick Savage, Robert Bullock, Black

Actors: Rick Savage,Robert Bullock

Actress: Tami Monroe,Siobhan Hunter,Heather Hunter,Natasha Skyler

A descendant of a Scandinavian Goddess (Courtney Hill) is discovered behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant by a Doctor and her Associate (Heather Hunter) who arouse her natural erotic energy. It makes way for lots of titillating action.


Vintage black dick – “Baby Oil”

Name: Baby Oil

Director: Warren Evans

Language: English

Duration: 56 min

Country: United States

Year: 1974

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Russ Carlson,Alan Marlow,Tony Richards,Leo Lovemore

Actress: C.J. Laing,Bree Anthony,Sandy Fox,Candy Love,Julia Sorel

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The movie „Privates Fotoalbum – Die allergeilsten Sexabenteuer!” (Cat.No. 19210) was released by ZBF in 1995. German language.Carmen Herzog is on the cover, but does not appear in the movie


Vintage black dick : “Getting Lucky”

Name: Getting Lucky

Duration: 139 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1984

Director: Paul Vatelli

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Actors: Marc Wallace,Eric Edwards,Jerry Butler,Craig Roberts,Mike Motion,Todd Keller

Actress: Janey Robbins,Cara Lott,Donna Marie,Renee Summers,Rosemarie,Barbara Alton,Misty Dawn,Shana Evans,Cynthia Brooks,Duschca,Mary Ann Richards,Sha’ri Alexander

For Johnny, Daryl, and Moon grad night is a time to bust-out and party, and that’s exactly what they do in ‘Getting Lucky!’ Join the boys as they head out on the town for a night to remember, and get involved in some of the most outrageous sexual encounters to ever sizzle the screen! Johnny makes a sporting wager with two gorgeous hookers – whoever enjoys their love sessions the most has to pay! Daryl gets hooked up with a rich and beautiful older woman, and learns a thing or two about the ‘filthy rich.’ But it’s Moon, the class dork, who takes the cake when he gets involved with three horny chicks out to make a man come ten times in one night!


Vintage black dick in “Mai Lin vs. Serena”

Name: Mai Lin vs. Serena

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Duration: 75 min

Country: United States

Language: German

Year: 1982

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Actress: Serena,Mai Lin,Jade Wong,Robin Sane,Margaret Smith,Sheila Parks,Monique Dubois,Anne Fisher,R. Haag

Actors: Mike Horner,Hershel Savage,Billy Dee,Jon Martin,Dan T Mann,Jesse Adams,Carlos Tobalina,Ray Guerra

Two irresistible seductresses, Mai Lin and Serena play sexy rivals who both strive for a leading role in a movie. However, only one of them can get the role, so they make a bet and decide to find out who is better at the art of seduction. Neither of them wants to lose, and the lustful hotties go all-out to win and get the prize. Mai Lin and Serena seduce anyone, anywhere, anytime. They have sex men and women, they do not hesitate to initiate wild orgies, which brings them to a police station. But even there they continue their insane rivalry and seduce police officers. This incredible eighties porn movie is worth watching not only to find out who of the girls wins, but also to enjoy the numerous mind-blowing sex scenes including artful blowjobs, hot lesbian action and of course wild group orgies.


Vintage black dick : “This One’s For You”

Name: This One’s For You

Country: United States

Duration: 86 min

Language: English

Director: Bobby Hollander

Year: 1989

Actress: Trinity Loren,Cheri Taylor,Kassi Nova,Jade East,April Sommers

Actors: Ed Navarro,Ray Victory,Eric Price,Bobby Hollander,Shane Hunter,Rocco Carucci

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Vintage black dick – “True Sin”

Name: True Sin

Year: 1990

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 70 min

Actors: Mike Horner,Randy West

Actress: Ashlyn Gere,Jeannie Pepper,Lauren Brice,Ashley Dunn

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What is true sin? Cum on in and find out. This steamy flick highlights true sin and provides a great time for the watcher! It’s got lots of cock sucking and pussy licking for you to enjoy! It will leave you weak in the knees with its hot sex scenes. There is even some lesbian action in here! You’ll love this one!


Angel Kelly porn videos : “Let’s Get Wet”

Name: Let’s Get Wet

Year: 1988

Director: Carlos DeSantos

Language: English

Country: United States

Duration: 77 min

Actress: Tracey Adams,Nikki Knights,Angel Kelly,Gail Forse

Actors: John Leslie,Mike Horner,Joey Silvera,Billy Dee,Jon Martin

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This classic film features some of the hottest porn stars with great bodies that will make your eyes wet just from looking at them. The pool is where everyone goes to relax and just have fun. The girls in this movie get more than wet and experience a lot more fun as they get picked up at the local pool and brought back for a fucking of a lifetime. There is some interracial, lesbian, and threesome action all in the mix. So maybe you will get wet or make someone wet after seeing this plot-driven movie.