Bianchina Della Costa : Classic teen anal

Bianchina Della Costa : Classic teen anal

Name: Seduzida Por Um Cavalo

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 55 min

Year: 1986

Director: Juan Bajon

Country: Brazil

Actress: Bianchina Della Costa,Sandra Morelli,Solange Dumont,Ninon Jones

Actors: Ronaldo Amaral,Francisco Assis

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Bianchina Della Costa : Classic teen anal


Cathy Cofer pussy – “Flesh And Laces 2”

Name: Flesh And Laces 2

Country: United States

Year: 1983

Duration: 142 min

Language: English

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Actress: Shauna Grant,Tamara Longley,Lynx Canon,Shaun Mason,Rosa Lee Kimball,Drea,Crystal Lake,Sparky Vacs,Rita Cruz,Cathy Cofer

Actors: John Holmes,Joey Silvera,Jamie Gillis,Ed Navarro,Dan T Mann,John Stagliano,Carlos Tobalina,Jack Mason

Categories: Cathy Cofer pussy, 1983, United States, English, Carlos Tobalina, Shauna Grant, Tamara Longley, Lynx Canon, Shaun Mason, Rosa Lee Kimball, Drea, Crystal Lake, Sparky Vacs, Rita Cruz, Cathy Cofer, John Holmes, Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis, Ed Navarro, Dan T Mann, John Stagliano, Carlos Tobalina, Jack Mason, Facial

In the continuing story of FLESH & LACES, devilish Dad once again tunes into the sex competition. Just as 2 son is finishing up his first performance, a persistent missionary girl arrives at his doorstep. Soon the evangelist has a religious experience as the never satisfied stud fills her spirit to overflowing. Back at the hospital, Dad watches more sexcapades until Dr. Pecker (John Holmes) examines the patient and recommends special treatment by the Head Nurse. Catching her carnal client in the act, Attorney Tamara joins the party-as do Dr. Pecker and the whole hospital staff-in a group sex scene that works miracles!